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Portugal Property Group was formed by combining five leading property industry companies.  Together they offer all the required elements of property acquisition ownership, operation and management, all under one banner - The project began in 1987 and since that time each of the component companies have developed a reputation for excellence as each sets its sights on becoming a leading and highly respected company in its own right.

All those with an interest in the property market here in Portugal can be assured that the companies that form Portugal Property Group, and the people within them, understand the need for careful research, prudent investment, careful management and the requirement to involve the best professionals at all stages.  The ‘group objective’ is to remove risk, minimise worry, apply initiative and make available resources fit the opportunities. 

Providing an efficient service means understanding Portugal, its people, its language and being able to work within its system.  It means knowing how the various authorities work, how to get things done legitimately, quickly and efficiently.  It means having a team of reliable, multi lingual professionals on call - able to provide any of the specialised services that may be needed at any time.

Equally importantly it means having a detailed understanding of the local building laws, the construction methods and the way that services are connected;  as well as having the experience to understand and identify issues and knowing exactly how to rectify them.  

For Portugal Property Group, providing a comprehensive, efficient and reliable range of services for investors and their property is a primary objective.  Over the years we have evolved within the local market, added new categories and refined existing ones. Our experienced teams are proud to offer the most comprehensive ranges of support services in the business.  Whatever your needs you have only to ask.

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